5 Steps To Sterilizing Instruments For The Operating Room

As you know, having sterile instruments for surgery is non-negotiable. When you follow the proper procedures, you greatly minimize the risk of patient infection. Here are the five steps to sterilizing instruments used in your operating room so your patients are much more likely to have a healthy recovery.   1. Properly Clean Cleaning is actually a multi-step process, and it generally starts with a manual cleaning cycle. This involves briefly soaking the instruments in warm water with an enzymatic detergent to soften and loosen the contaminants. [Read More]

Natural Herbs And Extracts For Cancer Patients

If you have a loved one who has cancer and has been undergoing treatments for some time to kill the cancerous tumors, then your family member is likely in a great deal of pain. Pain can and should be addressed and treated by a palliative care specialist, such as those at Corner Home Medical. This individual can come up with a plan to treat pain as well as stress and anxiety. [Read More]